Euralex 1983 Proceedings

001_Front cover.pdf
004_Note on conventions.pdf
005_Part I Historical Lexicography and the General Dictionary.pdf
006_John M. Sinclair (Birmingham) -Lexicography as an academic subject.pdf
007_Herbert E. Wiegand (Heidelberg) - On the structure and contents of a general theory of lexico.pdf
008_Richard Allsopp (Bridgetown, Barbados) - Caribbean English as a challenge to lexicography.pdf
009_James Arthurs (Victoria, British Columbia) - Lexicography and linguistic change_ Canada and .pdf
010_Louise Dagenais (Montreal) - Two principles in definitions of an Explanatory-Combinatorial D.pdf
011_Arthur J. Bronstein (New York) - Updating a Dictionary of American English Pronunciation.pdf
012_Fredric Dolezal (New Orleans, Louisiana) - The construction of entries in the Alphabetical D.pdf
013_Rudolf Filipovic (Zagreb) - Can a dictionary of -isms be an Etymological Dictionary.pdf
014_Robert Ilson (London) - The communicative significance of some lexicographic conventions.pdf
015_Christian J. Kay (Glasgow) - The Historical Thesaurus of English.pdf
016_Johan Kerling (Leiden) - Franciscus Junius, 17th-century lexicography and Middle English.pdf
017_Barbara A. Kipfer (New York City-Exeter) - Methods of ordering senses within entries.pdf
018_Alan Kirkness (Mannheim) - The etymology of Europeanisms, or_ lexicographers difficulties wi.pdf
019_Fritz Neubauer (Bielefeld) - The language of explanation in monolingual dictionaries.pdf
020_Gabriele Stein (Hamburg) - Towards a theory of lexicography_ principles and-vs. practice in m.pdf
021_Penelope F. Stock (Birmingham) - Polysemy.pdf
022_Janet Whitcut (Harlow, Essex) - Sexism in dictionaries.pdf
023_Part II Bilingual Lexicography and the Pedagogical Dictionary.pdf
024_Ladislav Zgusta (Urbana-Champaign, Illinois) - Translational equivalence in the bilingual d.pdf
025_Anthony P. Cowie (Leeds) - EFL dictionaries - past achievements and present needs.pdf
026_Ton Broeders & Phil Hyams (Nijmegen) - The pronunciation component of an English-Dutch dicti.pdf
027_Thomas Creamer (Takoma Park, Maryland) - Recent and forthcoming Chinese-English and English-C.pdf
028_Glyn Hatherall (Ealing, London) - Studying dictionary use_ some findings and proposals.pdf
029_Timothy Hayward & Andre Moulin (Liege) - False friends invigorated.pdf
030_Nayef N. Kharma (Kuwait) - Contextualization and the bilingual learners dictionary.pdf
031_Hans-Peder Kromann_ Theis Riiber_ Poul Rosbach (Kobenhavn) Active and passive bilingual.pdf
032_Edwin A. Lovatt (Leeds) - Illustrative examples in a bilingual colloquial dictionary.pdf
033_Tamas Magay (Budapest) - Technical or general_ problems of vocabulary selection in a medium-.pdf
034_Leocadio Martin (Granada) - Lexical fields and stepwise lexical decomposition in a contrasti.pdf
035_James S. Mdee (Dar es Salaam) - Constructing an entry in a learners dictionary of Standard .pdf
036_Henry Niedzielski (Hawaii) - Semantic considerations of set and some of its French equi.pdf
037_Linju Ogasawara (Tokyo) - Problems in improving Japanese English-learners dictionaries.pdf
038_Viggo H. Pedersen (Kobenhavn) - Reflections on the treatment of prepositions in bilingual d.pdf
039_Heikki Sarkka (Joensuu) - Improving the usability of the Finnish comprehension dictionary.pdf
040_Mary Snell-Hornby (Zurich) - The bilingual dictionary - help or hindrance.pdf
041_Sandra A. Thompson (Los Angeles) - Bilingual dictionaries and the notion of lexical categori.pdf
042_Jerzy Tomaszczyk (Lodz) - The culture-bound element in bilingual dictionaries.pdf
043_Part III Computational Lexicography and the Terminological Dictionary.pdf
044_Francis E. Knowles (Aston, Birmingham) - Dictionaries and computers.pdf
045_Juan C. Sager (Manchester) - Terminology and the technical dictionary.pdf
046_Nicoletta Calzolari_ Maria L. Ceccotti_ Adriana Roventini (Pisa) - Computational tools for.pdf
047_Dawood H. El-Sayed (Kuwait) - Notes on the Arabization of the terminology of modern linguis.pdf
048_Gert Engel & Bodil N. Madsen - From dictionary to data-base.pdf
049_Rosemarie Glaser (Leipzig) - Terminological problems in linguistics, with special reference .pdf
050_Havard Hjulstad (Bergen) - Terminology work in Norway and the Norwegian Term Bank.pdf
051_Sven Jacobson (Stockholm) - Three types of terminologies.pdf
052_Anthony A. Lyne (Sheffield) - On rooting out words with inflated frequencies in word-counts.pdf
053_Jim Mathias (Kensington, Maryland) - Computer-aided processing of Chinese lexicographic mate.pdf
054_Reuven Merkin (Jerusalem) - Historical dictionaries and the computer - another view.pdf
055_Archibal Michiels & Jacques Noel (Liege) - The pros and cons of a controlled defining vocabulary.pdf
056_Jeanette Pugh (Manchester) - Contrastive conceptual analysis of noun compound terms in English.pdf
057_Fred W. Riggs (Hawaii) - Lexicographical terminology_ some observations.pdf
058_Abondio Sciarone (Delft) - The organization of the bilingual dictionary.pdf
059_Henk Siliakus (Adelaide) - To list, or not to list- Computer-aided word lists for the humanities.pdf
060_Wolfgang Teubert (Mannheim) - Setting up a lexicographical data-base for German.pdf
061_Otto Vollnhals (Munchen) - Utilization of a commercial linguistic data-base system for electr.pdf
062_Jonathan J. Webster (Singapore) - The PROLEX project.pdf
063_Bibliography of cited dictionaries.pdf
064_List of authors affiliations.pdf