EURALEX XX took place between 12-16 July 2022 in Mannheim

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μῶρος δὲ θνητῶν ὅστις ἐκπορθεῖ πόλεις,
ναούς τε τύμβους θ᾽, ἱερὰ τῶν κεκμηκότων,
ἐρημίᾳ δοὺς αὐτὸς ὤλεθ᾽ ὕστερον.

A fool is he who sacks the towns of men,
with shrines and tombs, the dead man’s hallowed home,
for at the last he makes a desert round himself and dies.

(Euripides, The Trojan Women, lines 95-97; 415 BC)

The Board of the European Association for Lexicography strongly condemns Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine. We affirm democratic Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

As a community, we stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are fighting for their freedom, for their country and for democracy. Our thoughts are also with those Russian citizens taking a brave stand against the war, often at great personal risk.

We consider that the Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens international peace and security and violates international law and the European security order. Freedom and peace are a privilege – we cannot simply take them for granted.

The Board of the European Association for Lexicography provides, through the ‘Tanneke Schoonheim Grants’, emergency support to Ukrainian lexicographers for covering the Congress fees for Euralex 2022, which will be held between 12-16 July 2022 in Mannheim, Germany. We also approve the decision of the Euralex 2022 International Congress Organizer stating “that any academic institution in Russia and their representatives may currently not benefit from German research funds and therefore they may not participate in the Conference”. We kindly ask Russian colleagues for their understanding for this decision. The sanctions aim at ending the war, and are not directed against them or any other Russian colleagues personally. We have always cherished the collaboration with colleagues from Russia and hope that all academic relations can be resumed as soon as possible.

EURALEX is the leading professional association for people working in lexicography and related fields. In the rapidly-changing world of language analysis and language description, EURALEX provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. Though based in Europe, EURALEX has a worldwide reach and a worldwide membership. Its members include lexicographers, reference publishers, corpus linguists, computational linguists, academics working in relevant disciplines, software developers, and anyone with a lively interest in language.

EURALEX holds a major Congress every two years, and also sponsors smaller events on specific areas within the broader field. Details about the past and future Euralex conferences are available on the Conferences page. EURALEX has also created a digitized version of the papers from its past conferences. The collection which covers the period from the first EURALEX congress held in Exeter in 1983 to the 18th held in Ljubljana in 2018 can be accessed online on the Publications page.

EURALEX maintains a discussion list ( for the exchange of views on anything of interest to people working in lexicography and related fields. The list is open to all interested people and is not limited to members of Euralex. To subscribe to the Euralex list please fill out this subscription form at Euralex also maintains a public Facebook page (there is a Facebook tab at the right edge of this page).

EURALEX welcomes new members and offers various benefits to its members. There are several categories of membership described on the Joining EURALEX page. Take a look and join us!

A.S. Hornby Dictionary Research Awards (ASHDRA 2022)

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