Benefits of Membership

The benefits of joining EURALEX include:

  • a 20% discount on all Oxford University Press (OUP) Linguistics titles
  • a discounted Members’ rate for attending EURALEX Congresses
  • the right to vote at the Biennial General Meeting (held in conjunction with the  Congress)
  • the possibility to subscribe to the International Journal of Lexicography at a very favourable rate

Types of Membership

The EURALEX Membership Year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Those wishing to become Members of the Association must pay the required annual fee or subscription in advance for the particular year in which they join. Existing Members must renew their membership each year by January 1st.
Membership of EURALEX is maintained by OUP, with or without subscription to IJL. If you want to join EURALEX or subscribe to IJL, please go to OUP’s page for IJL and check the annual subscription rates. There are several categories of membership offered to EURALEX members under the heading “Members – European Association for Lexicography”.

Personal Members

If you are not an existing member and you want to join EURALEX, you are entitled to a reduced rate for new individual members.
As a EURALEX member, you can get a very favourable subscription rate to the Association’s journal the International Journal of Lexicography. If you want membership and subscription to IJL, choose the option “Membership + New subscription – Print”.
If you want to join as a new member, but do not want an IJL subscription, choose “New subscription – Society fee”.
If you are an existing member and want to renew your membership, choose ”Personal Membership – Print” or ”Personal Membership – Society fee”, as applicable.

Two-year Congress Members

If one attends a congress, one is automatically a member up to the start of the next congress. If one attends that next congress as well, one adds another two years of congress membership, and is eligible to vote at that congress’s annual general meeting. So, by simply attending all congresses, one can also remain a member.

However, this type of membership does not include a subscription to IJL, and does not include the OUP benefits.

Institutional Members

Institutional Membership is available to institutions, for example publishing houses, libraries, universities, academies, training centres, and other organizations. This type of membership allows institutions to nominate two Representatives who each qualifies for the same rights and benefits of Membership as are enjoyed by personal Members of the Association.
For types of membership, please check the annual subscription rates at OUP’s page of the International Journal of Lexicography.

Honorary Members

Those who are considered by the Executive Board of the Association, upon the proposal of a Member, to have made an outstanding contribution to lexicography may be invited by the Executive Board to become Honorary Members, provided that any such invitation is endorsed by the Biennial General Meeting of the Association. Honorary Members are exempted from paying annual subscriptions. Honorary members of Euralex:

Please fill in the relevant form from OUP’s page of the International Journal of Lexicography (select the appropriate type of membership and the currency).