Euralex 1986

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001Front cover
003Walter BurkertGrusswort
004Mary Snell-HornbyPreface
005PART 1 – Meaning and the dictionary
006Gerold HiltyLexikologie und Semantik
007Barbara Lewandowska-TomaszczykUniversal concepts and language-specific meaning
008Radegundis StolzeDas begriffliche Bedeutungspotential als Problem der Lexikographie
009Patrick HanksTypicality and meaning potentials
010John AytoMetaphor in dictionaries
011Tadeusz PiotrowskiDefining natural-kind words
012Tarcisius SchelbertDictionaries – too many words?
013PART 2 – The technique of dictionary making
014Robert IlsonContributions to the terminology of lexicography
015Penelope StockThe structure and function of definitions
016Rufus GouwsCompounds in dictionaries: A semantic perspective
017Edward GatesThe treatment of multiword lexemes in some current dictionaries of English
018Rosamund MoonTime and idioms
019Carla MarelloAnaphora and deixis as cohesive devices in lexicography
020PART 3 – The dictionary and language learning
021Michael RundellChanging the rules: Why the monolingual learner’s dictionary should move away from the native-speaker tradition
022Henri BéjointPsycholinguistic evidence and the use of dictionaries by L2 learners
023Stefania NuccoriniThe treatment of metaphorical and idiomatic expressions in learners’ dictionaries
024Jacques Van RoeyWork in progress: A parallexicon of English-French “faux amis”
025Tamás MagayOn some problems of the bilingual learner’s dictionary
026PART 4 – Historical perspectives in lexicography
027Brian MerrileesThe Latin-French dictionarius of Firmin Le Ver (1420-1440)
028Paul Di VirgilioFrom translation to analogy: The birth of the Etymon in sixteenth century French lexicography
029Laurent BrayLa lexicographie bilingue italien-allemand et allemand-italien au dix septième siècle. L’exemple des dictionnaires de L. Hulsius et de M. Kramer
030Franz Josef HausmannLes dictionnaires bilingues italien-allemand/allemand-italien au dix-huitième siècle
031Morton BensonSoviet lexicography: A survey
032Lesley S. BurnettMaking it short: The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
033PART 5 – Lexicography in Switzerland
034Hans KuhnDialect dictionaries — a contradiction in itself?
035Peter DalcherDie deutschschweizer Lexikographie 1986
036Francois VoillatA propos de quelques exemples du Glossaire des patois de la Suisse romande (GPSR)
037Federico SpiessLa lessicografia dialettale nella Svizzera italiana
038Georges DarmsAbenteuer Rumantsch grischun
039PART 6 – The bilingual dictionary and terminology
040Jerzy TomaszczykThe bilingual dictionary under review
041Mohamed H. HelielTerminological lexicography. Bilingual dictionaries of linguistic terms (English-Arabic)
042Susan ŠarčevićThe challenge of legal lexicography: Implications for bilingual and multilingual dictionaries
043Hans-Jürgen StellbrinkThe Dictionary of the Gas Industry: A cooperative approach to dictionary making
044Svatava MachováTerminological data banks and grammatical information
045Francis E. KnowlesLexicography and terminography: A rapprochement?
046PART 7 – The role of the computer in lexicography
047Andreas BlumenthalAnmerkungen zur Konzeption eines Lexikographie-Systems
048Jane Rosenkilde JacobsenA taxonomy for dictionary data and its use for a scholarly historical dictionary
049Nicoletta Calzolari, Luigia Ceccotti, Eugenio Picchi, Adriana RoventiniA flexible treatment of complex lexical information
050Jeremy ClearTrawling the language: Monitor corpora
051Diarmuid Bradley, Allen J. McTernanUsing a computer database to develop and operate an on-line dictionary of neologisms
052Gunter NeubertComputergestützte Fachlexikographie mit dem Programmsystem EWF
053Anna-Maria Di SciulloWord structure parsing
054Hans StellingsmaToward a linguistic database of Frisian
055Kennosuke Ezawa, Seiichi OkomaComputergestützte Herstellung eines japanisch-deutschen Satzlexikons
056John A. SimpsonComputers and the New OED’s new words
057List of authors’ affiliations