EURALEX 2022 to be held in Mannheim

By October 12, 2020 February 5th, 2021 ,

The XXth EURALEX International Congress will take place on 12-16 July 2022 in Mannheim, Germany. Please have a look at the video presentation and PDF we prepared for you (which replaces the presentation of Mannheim as the 2022 EURALEX congress venue, which would have been given as part of the EURALEX General Meeting in Alexandroupolis this year):

We look forward to meeting all of you in Mannheim in 2022!

The Organizing Committee: Annette Klosa-Kückelhaus, Christine Möhrs, Petra Storjohann, and Stefan Engelberg – Leibniz-Institute for the German Language
(IDS) at Mannheim, Germany