Bilingual Dictionaries: Past, Present and Future

By November 17, 2016,
Page 515-546
Author Sue B. T. Atkins
Title Bilingual Dictionaries: Past, Present and Future
Abstract The past is print dictionaries; the present is print dictionaries with some electronic versions of the same text; the future must be print dictionaries and truly electronic dictionaries, compiled afresh for the new medium, enriched with new types of information the better to meet the needs of the multifarious users. The paper sets out the various aspects ofthe bilingual dictionary which must be taken into account if the new dictionaries are to be different from (and better than) the old. A design for a new electronic bilingual dictionary is sketched out, applying a frame semantics approach to corpus analysis. A demonstration of the prototype multilingual hypertext Dictionary ofthe Future will be given.
Session PART 4 - Bilingual Lexicography
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