Conceptual Semantics for Nouns

By November 17, 2016,
Page 216-225
Author Hennie van der Vliet
Title Conceptual Semantics for Nouns
Abstract This contribution deals with the development of a conceptual lexicon for NLP-purposes. In this article our focus will be on nominals. The conceptual lexicon contains commonsense knowledge that is shared by language users. In the lexicon each word is related to a concept that is defined by a set of relations with other concepts. The (multiple) inheritance of additional relations is governed by a concept-hierarchy. The acquisition of knowledge is arranged by semi-automatically parsing a dictionary, using a tagger-lemmatizer, a linguistic knowledge bank and a dictionary of synonyms. However, the parsing process is not restricted by the use of any specific knowledge source, any tagger-lemmatizer in combination with information on selection restrictions will do. The result will be a multi-purpose lexicon which can be used for instance in on-line dictionaries and in an NLP environment, improving the extend to which NLP systems can cope with incomplete information and can solve ambiguity.
Session PART 1 - Word meaning / lexical semantics
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