Connectors: a Substantial Part of the CONST-Program

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorJeannine Beeken, William Van Belle, Dirk Speelman
TitleConnectors: a Substantial Part of the CONST-Program
AbstractThe CONST-program is a computational writing tool for commercial and business communication in Dutch. It enables the user to consult and to integrate automated information during the processes of text-writing. The information is stored in two interactive modules : 1) a tactical component containing a) a CONST-internal lexicon containing information about 1000 connectors or discourse structuring items, b) an adapted part of the electronic version of the 'Van Dale' dictionary (1992), providing more (explanatory) information about the connectors, c) an adapted part of the electronic version of the 'connectors'-part of the Dutch Grammar Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst (1984) and d) a technical set providing information about the structuring of footnotes, quotations, etc. and 2) a strategic component generating stratified linguistic text structures and their corresponding tree diagrams. This strategic component provides e.g. a profound elaboration of the chosen writing strategy including a range of complex text-act verbs (e.g. 'describe, clarify') and a set of rhetorical relations (e.g. 'purpose, conclusion'). Through these relations a link can be established between the strategic and the tactical components, realised by means of the different types of connectors.
SessionPART 3 - Lexicographical and lexicological projects
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