Differentiation and Polysemy in the Swedish verbal lexicon

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorÅke Viberg
TitleDifferentiation and Polysemy in the Swedish verbal lexicon
AbstractThe semantic structure of verbal semantic fields in Swedish is illustrated with one specific field, viz. Physical contact (cf. English: hit, strike, beat, knock, slap, kick, touch etc). All members of the field share the core component CONTACT(x,y). The patterns of differentiation accounting for the contrasts between members of the field exploit components such as body-parts, intensity of contact and interpersonal expressive meanings (e.g. beat, kick vs. caress, kiss). Patterns of polysemy are studied with the help of a large textbank. A prototypical meaning representation is postulated and non-ideal cases derived by three broad classes of modifications: 1. Bleaching, 2. Resultative strengthening and 3. Metaphor.
SessionPART 1 - Word meaning / lexical semantics
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