Italian Audition Verbs: A Corpus- and Frame-based Analysis

By November 17, 2016,
Page 117-127
Author Monica Monachini, Adriana Roventini
Title Italian Audition Verbs: A Corpus- and Frame-based Analysis
Abstract The study described in this paper was carried out within the framework of the LRE-DELIS project, which proposes a corpus-based lexicographical approach and frame-based semantic theory in dictionary construction. In particular, this method is applied here to a subset of the Italian perception verbs sentire, udire, and ascoltare representing the lexical field of audition. Frame semantics and a particular descriptive strategy are used to structure the data and to correlate syntactic/morphological and semantic properties. This has allowed us to consistently describe differences and similarities in meaning between the three verbs and to integrate the lexical information already contained in dictionaries, in order to contribute to the design of more complete and detailed lexical entries, for both human-oriented dictionaries and computational lexicons.
Session PART 1 - Word meaning / lexical semantics
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