Lexicographical Aspects of Health Metaphors in Financial Text

By November 17, 2016,
Page 789-796
Author Francis Knowles
Title Lexicographical Aspects of Health Metaphors in Financial Text
Abstract The frequent use of metaphor is an all-pervasive characteristic of the native languages of all civilisations and cultures. This implies that metaphors can be readily identified as such throughout the myriad of genres fashioned and developed by the very large number of distinct discourse communities to be found within human society. However, there are two very distinct types of metaphor: firstly, metaphors chosen by skilful writers who consciously wish to embellish their text by the use of deliberate ornamentation; and secondly, metaphors which hardly, ifat all, impinge on the writer's consciousness because they are so deeply rooted in the human psyche that they are actually needed to give primary linguistic form to people's thoughts, even within frames of professional reference. This paper treats the latter type of metaphor, illustrating the way in which themes in financial discourse are very often articulated via an appeal to the concept of health and its vocabulary. Some questions are posed with respect to the lexicographic treatment of conventional primary metaphor and grammatical metaphor.
Session PART 6 - Terminology and Dictionaries for Special Purposes
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