LEXTER, a Natural Language Processing Tool for Terminology Extraction

By November 17, 2016,
Page 771-779
Author Didier Bourigault, Isabelle Gonzalez-Mullier, Cécile Gros
Title LEXTER, a Natural Language Processing Tool for Terminology Extraction
Abstract LEXTER is a terminology extraction software. It performs a morpho-syntactical analysis of a corpus of French texts on any technical domain and yields a grammatical network of noun phrases which are likely to be terminological units. This network of candidate terms, together with the corpus it has been extracted from, is then passed on to an expert for a validation by the means of a terminological hypertext web. The basic principle of LEXTER is that of splitting by locating terminological noun phrases boundaries. Non supervised corpus-based learning procedures allow the system to acquire lexico-syntactical information and to solve the problem of adjectives and prepositional phrases attachment. LEXTER is used in several Electronic Document Management projects to build different kinds of terminological products.
Session PART 6 - Terminology and Dictionaries for Special Purposes
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