LSP and the Notion of Distribution as a Basis for Lexicography

By November 17, 2016,
Page 306-319
Author Frank Knowles, Peter Roe
Title LSP and the Notion of Distribution as a Basis for Lexicography
Abstract This research capitalises on the availability of very large-scale text databases and software designed to focus on LSP collocability within distinct discourse communities. A detailed description is given of work involving the statisticallydriven detection, identification and extraction of meaningful 'chunks' in the form of multi-word units which unmask themselves as the prominent 'professional' collocations. Novel lexicographical-terminological treatment of this material leads to an analysis and display of the dynamics of LSP term clusters and their associated 'mind maps'. Most of all, the paper demonstrates that the approach used indicates the possibility of shifting the ground of lexicography away from its traditional notional centre of gravity to an AI-oriented strategy for capturing genuine cognitive units without robbing them of their textuality. This leads naturally to a powerful, qua direct, type of lexicographical codification, the primum mobile of which is not definition, but distribution.
Session PART 2 - The way words work together / combinatorics
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