Neologismen. Der Versuch einer Begriffsbestimmung

By November 17, 2016,
Page 645-658
Author Ulrich Busse
Title Neologismen. Der Versuch einer Begriffsbestimmung
Abstract To state the fact that of all layers of a language the wordstock is the one changing most rapidly is rather commonplace. These changes and innovations, especially the newIy introduced words or the extensions of the meanings of well-established words, are usually referred to as neologisms. By providing a preliminary definition of the term neologism the paper tries to cast light on the lexicological implications involved. The discussion of the theoretical difficulties and problems concerning neologisms is supplemented by examples taken from lexicographical practice, in particular their treatment in English and German dictionaries, to show how lexicographers try to come to grips with this matter.
Session PART 5 - Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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