Norsk Ordbok – the Crown of Nynorsk Lexicography?

By November 17, 2016,
Page 705-713
Author Lars S. Vikør
Title Norsk Ordbok – the Crown of Nynorsk Lexicography?
Abstract Norsk Ordbok 'Norwegian Dictionary' is a multi-volume dictionary of the Norwegian standard variety Nynorsk and the Norwegian dialects. It is one of the very few dictionaries which cover both a written standard language and the oral dialects on which this standard is based. It was initiated around 1930, based on dialect material collected by volunteers and stored in a vast card archive, and on a variety of written sources. At present, three oftwelve planned volumes have appeared, reaching into g. The paper gives a historical outline of the project, followed by a brief description of its structure and the types of information it gives. This is exemplified by the treatment of one particular word, bunad. Finally, some fundamental problems are briefly discussed: 1) the selection of lemmas, 2) the character of the sources, 3) the treatment of dialect forms, 4) the sequence of definitions.
Session PART 5 - Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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