On Dictionary Misuse

By November 17, 2016,
Page 586-597
Author Stefania Nuccorini
Title On Dictionary Misuse
Abstract This article analyses dictionary use through errors made in written exam papers by university students of English as a foreign language. Students used bilingual (English-Italian, Italian-English) dictionaries in connection with a translation test from English into Italian. Only lexicographically relevant errors - i.e. errors presumably due to the misuse of dictionaries - have been considered: the objective of their analysis was to verify whether and to what extent they are due, as hypothesized, to the students' lack of reference skills or to dictionaries' shortcomings. The final purpose was to identify areas in which a purposeful training in, and the formal teaching of, dictionary using skills could prevent students from making those errors.
Session PART 5 - The use of dictionaries
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