Renewable Terminology

By November 17, 2016,
Page 759-769
Author Khurshid Ahmad, Steven Collingham
Title Renewable Terminology
Abstract A term is coined, retrospectively defined, or made archaic usually through the medium of tcxt. Once a term is coined or retronym proposed, then that becomes the basis of other texts and the text can be used as a basis for the evidence of the existence of a term and the potential ways in which the term could be elaborated. There is thus a synergy between the terminology of a domain and the text of the domain. Recently published texts can be searched on the basis of existing terms; these texts may contain neologisms or retronyms. Once validated these neologisms can be used as a basis for more focused search of still newer texts. A method for terminology extraction and validation using text corpora available on the global communications network, is presented in this paper.
Session PART 6 - Terminology and Dictionaries for Special Purposes
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