Semantic Dictionary as a Lexical Database

By November 17, 2016,
Page 479-485
Author G.I. Kustova, E.V. Paducheva
Title Semantic Dictionary as a Lexical Database
Abstract We investigate general principles implemented in a lexical Database named LEXICOGRAF. In our Database lexical definition is divided into a sequence of syntactically independent semantic components. The priority is given to those components that can be used to predict and to explain non-trivial peculiarities of surface behaviour shared by a class of words - such as co-occurrence restrictions, systematic polysemy etc. The Database is associated with what may be called a Knowledge Base - a repository of general rules and regularities pertaining to theoretical lexicography. The paper presents a description and a linguistic substantiation of an expert system named LEXICOGRAF1 The project is being carried out at VINITI, Moscow, by an interinstitutional research group supervised by Elena V. Padutcheva.The basic idea is to present lexicographic information in the form of a lexical data base of a relational type: all information about a lexeme (= a word taken in one of its senses) is distributed between several domains, each having some definite range of values. As a result, the user is enabled to conduct a search of any depth within the frame of the given set of parameters. The system includes two components: (1) the Database proper and (2) the Knowledge base. The main attention is paid to semantic information about words. So, in fact, the system in question is a semantic dictionary presented in the form of a relational database.
Session PART 3 - Lexicographical and lexicological projects
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