The Dialects of Bohuslän. Thoughts on a database

AuthorBirgitta Ernby, Karl G. Johansson
TitleThe Dialects of Bohuslän. Thoughts on a database
AbstractIn 1935 a dictionary for the dialects of Bohuslän was planned and some work was carried out. In recent decades the work has been sporadic and the dictionary has never been concluded. Interest in sociological and gender aspects on language has opened new fields for the dialectoIogist. New data must therefore be collected with this in mind. The development over the last years in computer technology makes it self-evident that new work on the dialects of Bohuslän has to be aimed at creating a database and not primarily a traditional dictionary. In this paper we present the material and sketch out a project to develop a database based on the material from Bohuslän.
SessionPART 5 - Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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