The Use of Corpora in Bilingual Lexicography

By November 17, 2016,
Page 457-464
Author Roda P. Roberts, Catherine Montgomery
Title The Use of Corpora in Bilingual Lexicography
Abstract The publication in 1994 of the first bilingual dictionary to use corpus material, the Oxford-Hachette English-French, French-English Dictionary (OXHA), marked the start of a new age of corpus-based bilingual lexicography. OXHA's innovation is being taken a few steps further in the Bilingual Canadian Dictionary (BCD) project. In addition to using two unilingual corpora - one in English, the other in French, as does the OXHA team, the BCD also uses a bilingual, translated corpus. While the OXHA team only used corpora at the editing stage, the BCD team uses corpora throughout the dictionary-making process. This paper will present the corpora used by the BCD, the various stages at which they are used, and the way they are used.
Session PART 3 - The Dictionary-making Process
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