Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Lexicographic Definitions

By November 17, 2016,
Page 481-488
Author Abraham Solomonick
Title Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Lexicographic Definitions
Abstract These theses are devoted to one of the most important lexicographic issues: that of definitions for lexical units dealt with in different dictionaries. The main problem in our view is to build the relevant and coherent theory of lexicographic definitions. Today we mostly rely on logical theory of definitions. Though it is relevant for our purposes, it meets only partially our particular needs. On the other hand, we have at our disposal many purely linguistic means useful for creating lexicographic definitions. The author tries to construct the theory based mostly on linguistic foundations. The resulting outline may cover most types of definitions for different kinds of dictionaries aimed at quite various audiences.
Session PART 3 - The Dictionary-making Process
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