Towards a More Grammatical Bilingual Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 597-607
Author Dirk Noël, Filip Devos, Bart Defrancq
Title Towards a More Grammatical Bilingual Dictionary
Abstract Bilingual dictionaries could be more effective in helping learners if they contained more grammar: more grammar on the source language side could facilitate the learner's disambiguation task, more grammar on the target language side could prevent many ungrammatical or unidiomatic translations. Unlike traditional bilingual dictionaries the Contrastive Verb Valency Dictionary currently being developed by the CONTRAGRAM research team will aspire to exhaustivity on the grammatical level, and should become a tool that could both complement existing dictionaries and inform compilers of future dictionaries so that they become less selective. The paper illustrates the difference between the treatment of verbs in bilingual dictionaries and the CVVD by comparing the entry for the verb LOOK in four leading English-French dictionaries with its treatment in the CWD.
Session PART 4 - Bilingual Lexicography
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