Towards a ‘VRQS’ Representation

By November 17, 2016,
Page 196-203
Author Mariona Taulé Delor, M. Antonia Martí Antonín, Irene Castellón Masalles
Title Towards a ‘VRQS’ Representation
Abstract In this paper we would like to present a proposal for the representation of verbal lexical meaning in a Lexical Knowledge Base. We start from the hypothesis that verbal lexical meaning is the sum of different levels of semantic description: Argument Structure, Event Structure, Selectional Restrictions and Compositional Semantics. We are going to base our talk on the representation of the Compositional Semantic level, the decomposition of the meaning in semantic components and how they are saturated in Spanish. We present three different types of saturation (argumental, morphological and 'understood') and we will try to demonstrate how these sorts of saturation have different syntactic consequences.
Session PART 1 - Word meaning / lexical semantics
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