Using Lexical Functions to Discover Metaphors

By November 17, 2016,
Page 271-278
Author Thierry Fontenelle
Title Using Lexical Functions to Discover Metaphors
Abstract This paper deals with the construction of a collocational database and with the potential applications of such a database in general and applied linguistics. The starting point of the database is the machine-readable version of the Collins-Robert dictionary (Atkins & Duval 1978/1987): this dictionary has been chosen because of the wealth of information it contains on various types of co-occurrence properties (collocations, selection restrictions, etc). The first part of the paper describes the various types of information contained in our database; the second part focuses on one potential application and shows how new metaphors can be discovered by analyzing the content of the database.
Session PART 2 - The way words work together / combinatorics
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