VLIS: Fan Dale Lexicographic Information System

By November 17, 2016,
Page 511-522
Author Rik Schutz
Title VLIS: Fan Dale Lexicographic Information System
Abstract VLIS is a multilingual database, designed at Van Dale to support the production and maintenance of mono- and bi-lingual dictionaries of current usage. The storage of the data is product-independent and thus ready for any (electronic) product form. The VLIS project is planned to run from 1992 until 1995 and it involves (1) design and construction of the database and (2) storage of the content of six existing dictionaries in which Dutch is LI. The aims of this paper are to: (i) sketch the project as such; the history, the steps from dictionaries to database, (ii) describe the VLIS-system, the building blocks and the relations between these building blocks, (iii) discuss certain features of VLIS in comparison with the dictionaries from which the data were extracted and (iv) describe the path from VLIS to a new dictionary.
Session PART 3 - Lexicographical and lexicological projects
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