A Bilingual Corpus for Lexicographers

By November 17, 2016,
Page 251-255
Author Sabine Citron, Thomas Widmann
Title A Bilingual Corpus for Lexicographers
Abstract What can a parallel corpus bring to lexicography? How can a parallel corpus be tailored to the needs of lexicographers? This paper addresses both these issues on the basis of a real bilingual corpus compiled at HarperCollins Publishers. Unique in its kind, this corpus comes with a set of tools: an aligner designed to provide perfect matching betwęen L1 and L2, and a concordancer, the GUI enabling lexicographers to access and view the findings of the aligned corpus. Initial results are surprisingly good, and show that pairs of matched bilingual sources are as much of a step forward for bilingual lexicography as corpora were when they were first introduced into the dictionary-making process.
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