A diachronic study of dictionary structures and consultability

By November 17, 2016,
Page 615-620
Author Terence Russon Wooldridge
Title A diachronic study of dictionary structures and consultability
Abstract The CopuLex Project involves a study of the evolution of the dictionary as a reference work from the point of view of its systems of data retrieval, with particular attention being given to the microstructure, which over the centuries has evolved far more than the macrostructure. The codifying of informatlon within entries has been gradual, moving from the discursive and unpredictable towards the recursive, typographically rich and conventionally concise discourse which we know today. My study takes into account two perspectives: that of intention (the lexicographer's prefatory material), and that of effect, the consultability of the dictionary text from the user's point of view. This paper addresses particularly the question of explicit structuring (and thence machine readability) and interpretation (textual ambiguity and the user's threefold competence: linguistic, dlctlonaric, pragmatic).
Session PART 6 - Historical and Scholarly Dictionaries, and other Lexicographical Topics
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