A Lexicon of Albanian for Natural Language Processing

Page 855-862
Author Besim Kabashi
Title A Lexicon of Albanian for Natural Language Processing
Abstract For a lot of applications in the field of natural language processing a lexicon is needed. For the Albanian language a lexicon that can be used for these purposes is presented below. The lexicon con­tains around 75,000 entries, including proper names such as the names of inhabitants, geographical names, etc. Each entry includes grammatical information such as part of speech and other specific information, e. g. inflection classes for nouns, adjectives and verbs. The lexicon is a part of a morphological tool and generator, but can also be used as an independent resource for other tasks and applications or can be adapted for them. Both information from some traditional dictionaries, e. g. spelling dictionaries, and a balanced linguistic corpus using corpus-driven methods and tools are used as sources for the creation and extension of the presented lexicon. The lexicon is still a work in progress, but aims to cover basic information for the most frequent tasks of natural language processing.
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Keywords Albanian, NLP lexicography, lexicon updating, corpus linguistics
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