A Morpho-Semantic Digital Didactic Dictionary for Learners of Latin at Early Stages

Page 193-202
Author Manuel Márquez Cruz, Ana Mª Fernández-Pampillón
Title A Morpho-Semantic Digital Didactic Dictionary for Learners of Latin at Early Stages
Abstract Diccionario Didáctico Digital de Latín (Digital Didactic Dictionary for Latin) is an open-access lexicographic work, created and hosted by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. It is a bilingual dictionary (Latin-Spanish) that faces the challenge of providing Spanish-speaking students of Latin with an innovative lexicographic tool that facilitates the learning of basic Latin. Based on the theoretical principles of valences described in Tesni?re's Dependency Grammar, Lyons’ ontologies, and Fillmore's theory of semantic frameworks, the dictionary has been conceived as a linguistic tool to understand how Latin works at the semantic, morphological, and syntactic levels. It is a qualitative dictionary created ad hoc, used as an auxiliary tool to answer linguistic questions raised by an inductive didactic methodology that makes the Latin learning-teaching process available even to those students who lack basic syntactic knowledge. A structure of Hierarchical Faceted Categories that constitutes the lexicographic model provides various ways to access the lemmatised lexicon, facilitating intuitive navigation through the dictionary.
Session Bi- and Multilingual Lexicography
Keywords Computational Lexicography; Learner’s Dictionaries; Latin Lexicography; Bilingual Lexicography, Digital Dictionaries, Dictionary for special needs
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