A. S. Hornby: a Centenary Tribute

By November 17, 2016,
Page 3-16
Author Anthony Cowie
Title A. S. Hornby: a Centenary Tribute
Abstract This paper records the many-sided career of A. S. Hornby - as teacher, journal editor, researcher - while dwelling chiefly on his achievements as a lexicographer. During the 1930s in Japan, Hornby was part of an important theoretical movement in EFL, and helped to lay the groundwork in lexical research that would help to shape the earliest learners' dictionaries. The chief strands in that research will be traced, and their impact on Hornby's own dictionaries described and evaluated. As will be seen, the influence of the Tokyo years extends well beyond the first publication of ALD (1942). (Hornby's work on the Second Interim Report on Collocations (1933) is only now coming to be fully appreciated.) There was fresh analysis (especially syntactic) in the 1950s and 1960s, and we shall see how this fed through into the second and third editions of ALD.
Session PART 1 - Plenary Lectures
Keywords Vocabulary control, verb pattern, collocation, skeleton example, encoding function
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