Euralex 1998 Part 1

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D/L No. Authors Title
001 Cover pages
002 Introduction
003 Discours d’introduction
004 Contents
005 PART 1 – Plenary Lectures
006 Anthony Cowie A. S. Hornby: a Centenary Tribute
007 Marie-Hélene Corréard Traduire avec un dictionnaire, traduire pour un dictionnaire
008 Gregory Grefenstette The Future of Linguistics and Lexicographers: Will there be Lexicographers in the year 3000?
009 PART 2 – Computational Lexicology and Lexicography
010 Antonietta Alonge Encoding data on lexicalization of semantic components: the EuroWordNet ‘relational’ model
011 Toni Badia, Roser Saurí Polysemy and underspecification of bottle and related nouns
012 Caroline Barriere, Dan Fass Dictionary validation through a clustering technique
013 Jean Binon, Jeanne Dancette, Serge Verlinde Comment améliorer le traitement des synonymes dans un dictionnaire de langue
014 Bianka Buschbeck-Wolf Restricting Bidirectional Translation Correspondences to the Appropriate Context
015 Ricarda Dormeyer, Ingrid Fischer, Martina Keil A Database for Verbal Idioms
016 Nicolas Dufour Recognizing collocational constraints for translation selection: DEFl’s combined approach
017 Judith Eckle-Kohler Methods for quality assurance in semi-automatic lexicon acquisition from corpora
018 Stefano Federici An efficient algorithm for the automatic building of a lexicon from textual corpora
019 Thierry Fontenelle The semantic analysis of of-phrases for word sense disambiguation
020 Patrick Hanks Enthusiasm and Condescension
021 Adam Kilgarriff SENSEVAL: An Exercise in Evaluating Word Sense Disambiguation Programs
022 Lucie Langlois, Pierre Plamondon Le repérage automatique de collocations équivalentes à partir de bitextes
023 Catherine Macleod, Ralph Grishman, Adam Meyers, Leslie Barrett, Ruth Reeves NOMLEX: a lexicon of nominalizations
024 Yuji Matsumoto, Takenobu Tokunaga, Manabu Okumura, Masaharu Obayashi A Computational Lexicographer’s Workbench
025 Archibald Michiels The DEFI Matcher
026 Jon Mills Lexicon Based Critical Tokenisation: An Algorithm
027 Simonetta Montemagni, Eugenio Picchi From a Computational Linguistic Atlas to Dialectal Lexical Resources
028 Elena Paducheva Paradigms of Semantic Derivation for Russian Verbs of Sounding
029 Judith Pais, Júlia Pajzs Using local rules for disambiguation of homographs in Hungarian corpora
030 Adriana Roventini, Francesca Bertagna, Nicoletta Calzolari, Carol Peters Building the Italian Component of EuroWordNet: a Language-specific Perspective.
031 Nilda Ruimy, Ornella Corazzari, Elisabetta Gola, Antonietta Spanu, Nicoletta Calzolari, Antonio Zampolli LE-PAROLE Project: The Italian Syntactic Lexicon
032 Włodzimierz Sobkowiak Can EFL MRDs teach pronunciation?
033 PART 3 – Lexical Combinatorics
034 František Čermák Linguistic Units and Text Entities: Theory and Practice
035 Laura Cignoni, Stephen Coffey A corpus-based study of Italian idiomatic phrases: from citation forms to ‘real-life’ occurrences
036 Ulrich Heid Towards a corpus-based dictionary of German noun-verb collocations
037 Geart Van der Meer Collocations as one particular type of conventional word combinations Their definition and character