A Sample French-Serbian Dictionary Entry based on the ParCoLab Parallel Corpus

Page 423-435
Author Saša Marjanović, Dejan Stosic, Aleksandra Miletic
Title A Sample French-Serbian Dictionary Entry based on the ParCoLab Parallel Corpus
Abstract It has already been shown in the state- of the art in lexicography that the bilingual dictionary making process can be improved by relying on parallel corpora. The aim of this paper is to present such an application of the ParCoLab parallel corpus, a searchable trilingual 11 million token electronic database of aligned texts in French, Serbian and English, developed at the University of Toulouse (France) in cooperation with the University of Belgrade (Serbia). In this paper, we first point out the shortcomings of the leading general French-Serbian dictionaries, which were made using traditional lexicographic methods. We pay special attention to the treatment of the equivalents offered. Taking the case of the French adjective sale ‘dirty’ as an example, we show that the ParCoLab parallel corpus makes it possible to: 1) have quick and easy access to meanings missing from the existing dictionaries and to corresponding equivalents; 2) find new equivalents that are not included in any of the existing dictionaries, and which are in some cases the most common translation solutions; 3) order equivalents by their relative corpus frequency; and 4) disambiguate different usages through adequate contextual examples. The solutions we offer are shaped into a sample dictionary entry.
Keywords parallel corpus, lexicography, dictionary, bilingual, French, Serbian
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