A Syntactic lexicon for Danish adverbs

By November 17, 2016,
Page 905-910
Author Sanni Nimb
Title A Syntactic lexicon for Danish adverbs
Abstract A word class often neglected in the field of NLP resources, namely adverbs, has lately been described in a computational lexicon produced at CST as one of the results of a Ph.D.-project. The adverb lexicon is integrated in the Danish STO lexicon and gives detailed syntactic information on the type of modification and position, as well as on other syntactic properties of approx. 800 Danish adverbs. One of the aims of the lexicon has been to establish a clear distinction between syntactic and semantic information - where other lexicons of ten generalize over the syntactic behavior of semantic classes of adverbs, every adverb is described with respect to its proper syntactic behavior in a text corpus, revealing very individual syntactic properties. The pattern descriptions in the lexicon make it easy to deduce syntactic classes of Danish adverbs and to examine possible links between the different syntactic properties, bi the case of the group of polysemous adverbs, the encoding process has revealed that the different senses seldom display the same syntactic behavior. This means that in far most cases, a correct syntactic analysis of the sentence in which the polysemous adverb occurs is the key to disambiguation
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