A Typology of Lexical Ambiforms in Estonian

Page 119-130
Author Ene Vainik, Geda Paulsen, Ahti Lohk
Title A Typology of Lexical Ambiforms in Estonian
Abstract The present study aims to elaborate an overall outline of the areas that give rise to PoS ambiguity in Estonian. The analysis is based on a database consisting of ca 3500 ambiguous units. Our goal is to map the problematic areas, analyse the processes behind the lexical versatility, and provide a typology of ambiguous forms (the ambiforms) for the lexicographic use. The proposed typology is based on bi- and unidirectional PoS combinations. As a result of the analysis, we show how the lexical confluence relations exhibit a network-like interaction of the traditional PoS categories. The typology of ambiforms is expected to have both theoretical and practical implications – from the perspective of the former, the topic of lexical ambiguity will be set in the modern linguistic and lexicographic frame, and from the angle of applicability, the results will support the lexicographers as the creators of lexicographic (root) databases and the developers of language technology systems analysing corpus data.
Session Lexicography and Language Technologies
Keywords parts of speech; lexical ambiguity; Estonian language
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