Adrianus Junius on the order of his NOMENCLATOR (1577)

AuthorWerner Hüllen
TitleAdrianus Junius on the order of his NOMENCLATOR (1577)
AbstractJunius's NOMENCLATOR is a topical dictionary in several languages. It is outstanding in that it contains Latin texts in which the author gives reasons for the arrangement of entries chosen. Topical glossaries and dictionaries are members of a long tradition. As a rule, the historiographer has to infer from their arrangement which ideas about the world and about language the respective author(s) were following. In the case of Junius we have the author's own words. The texts show that the two parts of the dictionary follow two quite distinct principles, one centred around man and another more traditional one centred around external reality.
SessionPART 6 - Historical and Scholarly Dictionaries, and other Lexicographical Topics
Keywordstopical lexicography, glosses, Adrianus Junius, Withals, historiography
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