AirFrame. Mapping the field of aviation through semantic frames

By September 7, 2022,
Page 334-345
Author Ana Ostroški Anić, Ivana Brač
Title AirFrame. Mapping the field of aviation through semantic frames
Abstract The paper presents the process of developing the AirFrame database, a specialized lexical resource in which aviation terminology is defined in the form of semantic frames, following the methodology of the Berkeley FrameNet (FN). First, the structure of the database is presented, and then the methodology applied in developing and populating the database is described. The link between specialized aviation frames and general language semantic frames, of which frames defining entities, processes, attributes and events are particularly relevant, is discussed on the example of the semantic frame of Flight and its related frames. The paper ends with discussing possibilities of using AirFrame as a model for further developing resources in which general and specialized knowledge are linked.
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Keywords Terminology, aviation terminology, semantic frames, specialized knowledge, specialized lexicography
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