An Overall View about Lexicography Production for the Friulian Language

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1536-1540
Author Donato Toffoli
Title An Overall View about Lexicography Production for the Friulian Language
Abstract Researches about distinctive characteristics of Friulan language began in the second half of the Eighteenth Century. There was a need to have lexicography instruments that could help to understand and convert the lexicon heritage of the language actually spoken in large parts of Friuli, Friulian language, in the quite unknown linguistic code of the new born Italian state, the Italian language.
Some of these lexicographic works still exist and are nowadays very important: for example Il Nuovo Pirona, a formidable tool for the dialectological work; also other interesting tools were printed such as, for example, Vocabolario della lingua friulana by Giorgio Faggin, or Dizionario pratico illustrato italiano-friulano by Maria Tore Barbina.
A meaningful change happened in the 90’s when the first law to safeguard and promote the Friulian language was approved and the first body for the linguistic policy, l’Osservatorio Regionale della Lingua e Culture Friulane (OLF), was founded. The lexicographic work began to be more structured.
A great work has been done for computer medium: a spelling corrector: Coretôr ortografic furlan by Informazione Friulana Cooperative; a dictionary on CD Dizionari Ortografic Furlan (DOF) by Alessandro Carrozzo.
Lately the most important lexicographic work is Grant Dizionari Bilengâl Talian Furlan (GBDTF), by Consorzio Friûl Lenghe 2000, based on a prestigious Italian model such as the Grande Dizionario dell’Uso della Lingua Italiana, by professor Tullio de Mauro that coordinated the Friulian version too.
Session Lexicography of Lesser Used or Non-State Languages
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