Analyzing User Behavior with Matomo in the Online Information System Grammis

AuthorSaskia Ripp, Stefan Falke
TitleAnalyzing User Behavior with Matomo in the Online Information System Grammis
AbstractThe grammatical information system grammis combines descriptive texts on German grammar with dictionaries of specific word classes and grammatical terminology. In this paper, we describe the first attempts at analyzing user behavior for an online grammar of the German language and the implementation of an analysis and data extraction tool based on Matomo, a web analytics tool. We focus on the analysis of the keywords the users search for, either within grammis or via an external search platform like Google, and the analysis of the interaction between the text components within grammis and the integrated dictionaries. The overall results show that about 50% of the searches are for grammatical terms, and that the users shift from texts to dictionaries, mainly by using the integrated links to the dictionary of terminology within the texts. Based on these findings, we aim to improve grammis by extending its integrated dictionaries.
Keywordsuser behavior, online information systems, automated tracking, Matomo, online grammars, online dictionaries, keyword analysis
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