Arabic Loanwords in English: a Lexicographical Approach

Page 343-349
Author Pierre Fournier, Rim Latrache
Title Arabic Loanwords in English: a Lexicographical Approach
Abstract This article deals with Arabic loanwords in English from a lexicographical perspective. To create a representative corpus of Arabic loanwords in English, items are extracted from the Oxford English Dictionary database (henceforth OED) with an etymological advanced search. Among the criteria affecting the etymological tagging, the concept of two languages of origin is probably the most difficult one for lexicographers to deal with. This study presents some of the issues lexicographers are faced with in the dictionary-making process. Following that, Arabic loanwords are classified according to semantics, along with the date of their first attestation in the OED database. This quotation dating work that the OED systematically performs is not only an immense task, but also an essential one, as it enables researchers to determine the semantic spheres these corresponding loanwords are integrated into, as well as the cultural relationship between Arabic-speaking countries and English-speaking countries.
Session Lexicological Issues of Lexicographical Relevance
Keywords Arabic loanwords; contemporary English; dictionary-based study
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