Audio Recordings in a Specialized Dictionary: A Bilingual Translation and Phrase Dictionary of Medical Terms

Page 457-461
Author Silga Sviķe, Karina Šķirmante
Title Audio Recordings in a Specialized Dictionary: A Bilingual Translation and Phrase Dictionary of Medical Terms
Abstract The present climate of insufficient funding is having an impact on the development of dictionaries such that new projects would benefit from employing as their source already-existing language material, which could then be made available for publication in contemporary electronic forms. This study reviews the design and development of a bilingual translation and phrase dictionary of medical terms in the form of mobile application “English-Latvian-English Phrasebook and Dictionary of Medical Terms” (called MED). This electronic dictionary is the result of a collaborative effort from researchers from two Latvian higher education institutions, namely Riga Stradins University (RSU) and the faculties of Translation Studies (FTS) and Information Technologies (FIT) of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VeUAS). The dictionary presents in a systematic manner the Latvian and English language terminology found in the study materials from RSU’s specialty study courses. The collected terminology was thoroughly reviewed for relevance and supplemented with additional terms during the development of the dictionary. The need for such a dictionary was verified through a survey carried out before the implementation of the project. The successful development of the dictionary has benefitted considerably from VeUAS researchers’ prior experience in the development of electronic dictionaries (in the form of mobile applications) and the expertise of RSU’s medical specialists. As well as describing the functionality of the dictionary, this study describes the database model used in its development and provides an insight into the execution of the project. Additionally, it offers a detailed description of the creation and implementation of a particularly salient feature of the mobile application, namely audio recordings of terms and phrases.
Session Lexicography for Specialised Languages, Terminology and Terminography
Keywords Audio Recordings; Specialized Dictionary; Mobile Application; Medical Terms
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