Augmented Writing and Lexicography: A Symbiotic Relationship?

Page 509-514
Author Henrik Køhler Simonsen
Title Augmented Writing and Lexicography: A Symbiotic Relationship?
Abstract We live in an age of disruption and technological innovations, and lexicography as a scientific discipline and practice is witnessing a fundamental paradigm shift, cf. also (Fuertes-Olivera 2016), who talks about a “Cambrian Explosion”, (Simonsen 2016), who discusses the need for a new “Lexicographic Business Model” and (Tarp 2019), who refers to the paradigm shift in lexicography as “Tradition and Disruption in Lexicography”. Like many other disciplines, lexicography is operating within the framework of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, cf. (Schwab 2015), and it seems to be facing many fundamental challenges. One of these challenges is Augmented Writing (AW), cf. (Banks 2019; 2019; Marconi 2017 and Simonsen 2020a, 2020b), who discuss AW and how it affects journalism, communication and lexicography respectively. The objective of this article is to discuss AW from a lexicographical perspective and to what extent the two disciplines may form a value-adding symbiotic relationship. Based on empirical data from a test of 32 AW technologies, the article discusses this question and presents a number of theoretical considerations on how AW and lexicography might develop a symbiotic relationship drawing on Colson (2019), Fadel et al. (2017), Liew (2013), Tarp (2019), and Simonsen (2020a, 2020b).
Session Lexicography and Language Technologies
Keywords Augmented Writing; Writing Assistants; Lexicographically Augmented Writing
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