Author Dictionaries Revisited: Dictionary of Bohumil Hrabal

By November 17, 2016,
Page 592-598
Author František Čermák, Václav Cvrček
Title Author Dictionaries Revisited: Dictionary of Bohumil Hrabal
Abstract With a view to continue the line of author dictionaries, started by that devoted to Karel Čapek (2007), a second dictionary, basically following the first, has been compiled, namely that of Bohumil Hrabal (2009), an influential and major figure of the contemporary literary scene. The idea to have more of comparable and corpus-based dictionaries of this type that would ultimately enable comparison and through the prism of some of the best masters of the language to view the Czech language in development, has been made possible only recently, with the existence of corpora and thanks to techniques developed by corpus linguistics. A number of new lexicographic and computational features, never used before (with the exception of K. Čapek’s dictionary), have been tried verifying options how to best put into practice general theoretical ideas, such as when finding best collocations that could be included in the dictionary.
Session Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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