Basics for a comprehensive semantic categorization of Dutch verbs

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorFrans Heyvaert
TitleBasics for a comprehensive semantic categorization of Dutch verbs
AbstractBased on a definition analysis project carried out at the INL, this paper puts forward a proposal for a semantic categorisation of Dutch verbs in which existing category systems like the ones in Framenet and in Levin (1993) are integrated with some findings that emerged from the project. A multilayered category structure is proposed in which data about Aktionsart, conceptual field and systematic semantic analysis are all made explicit. This type of categorization is to be used in a Dutch dictionary project, the Algemeen Nederlands Woordenboek (ANW). It is meant as a tool to make common verb definitions in the dictionary more uniform and systematic, but also as a service to scholarly dictionary users whom it will enable to extract easily and systematically bodies of semantically related data from the dictionary.
SessionLexicography and semantic theory
Keywordssemantic categorisation, verb meaning, definition structure
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