Bilingual Technical-Translation Thesaurus as a Reliable Aid to Technical Communication

By November 17, 2016,
Page 906-912
Author Maryam Faal Hamedanchi
Title Bilingual Technical-Translation Thesaurus as a Reliable Aid to Technical Communication
Abstract The present article reviews the problem of technical terminology translation and the role it plays in technical communication. Despite the progressing attempts for standardization of terminology, there is still long distance to a perfect terminology system practically in all language societies. For an individual concept are used different variants even within a single text and technical dictionaries often fail to cover all these variants. Languages do not possess the same instruments for illustrating a definite concept, as a result, in translating different equivalents of a single concept the translated terms may be considered as synonyms rather than variants or, on the contrary, partial synonyms of a term in the source language can be considered as variants or close synonyms in the target one. The problem gets even more complicated when it comes to languages, namely Persian and Russian, where the users are imposed to employ English as an intermediate language.
Technical dictionaries pay less attention to these differences, at the best, they may provide scope notes or short definitions to distinguish different senses of a term, which hardly suffices for a proper communication. On the other hand, users of a bilingual technical dictionary may look up different kinds of information besides definition and equivalents. They may look up cross-language synonymous or antonymous, allocations, homonyms and other information, which are rarely provided by a bilingual technical dictionary.
These facts imply the necessity of employing more onomasiological approach in compiling bilingual technical dictionaries. In our opinion, a revised structure of information-retrieval thesauri complies in a better way with the requirements of technical dictionaries. A technical-translation thesaurus can reveal the basic structure of an information retrieval thesaurus, but compiles the necessary features of a common language thesaurus and provide approaches to equivalents of a term in different languages starting from the concept, which does not depend on the language.
Session Lexicography for Specialised Languages – Terminology and Terminography
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