Building a Controlled Lexicon for Authoring Automotive Technical Documents

Page 171-180
Author Rei Miyata, Hodai Sugino
Title Building a Controlled Lexicon for Authoring Automotive Technical Documents
Abstract We describe the framework and the process of building a controlled lexicon, specifically intended for authoring Japanese automobile repair manuals. Focusing on verbs, we seek to control two types of linguistic variations: (1) synonymous words and (2) case (argument) order variations. For synonymous words, we comprehensively extracted verb tokens from a large text data set and classified each verb type as approved or unapproved. For case order variations, we descriptively analysed case structures of Japanese sentences in the data set and defined the canonical order. We also examined the status of the constructed lexicon in terms of coverage, which enables us to establish a tangible goal of future lexicon building. The resultant controlled lexicon with 910 verbs and 954 case patterns can help authors choose appropriate words and construct consistent sentence structures. In order to accomplish effective and efficient authoring, we further proposed and designed two types of authoring support tools: a sentence diagnostic tool that identifies unapproved variations of verbs and sentence structures, and a template-driven writing tool that helps writers compose controlled sentences by completing canonical case patterns.
Session Lexicography and Corpus Linguistics
Keywords controlled lexicon building; technical authoring; descriptive analysis; variation management; grammatical case; automotive domain
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