Celtic Words in English Dictionaries and Corpora

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1013-1019
Author Mitsuhiko Ito
Title Celtic Words in English Dictionaries and Corpora
Abstract The researcher has collected Celtic words from several English dictionaries and a few English etymological dictionaries and found that there are about 300 words in present English dictionaries. He has studied what words and how many of the 300 words native speakers of English know. The research method was giving matching tests of words and definitions and having subjects write appropriate words to definitions. The subjects were all adult voluntaries. Main purposes of the present study are: (1) to survey what words of the 300 words appear in BNC and Wordbanks, and (2) to survey if well known words by native speakers are highly frequent words in BNC and Wordbanks. Two main results have deduced from the present study. One is that not all of the 300 words appear in BNC and Wordbanks and some words appear in the two Corpora and some others appear in either of the Corpora and the others do not appear in both of them. The other is that well known words in the research do not necessarily come to the top frequent positions of the Corpora.
Session Historical and Scholarly Lexicography and Etymology
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