Cloud Terminology Services Facilitate Specialised Lexicography Work

By November 17, 2016,
Page 621-629
Author Tatiana Gornostay, Andrejs Vasiļjevs
Title Cloud Terminology Services Facilitate Specialised Lexicography Work
Abstract In this software demonstration paper we present an innovative cloud-based platform TaaS “Terminology as a Service” developed in an EU-funded project. The TaaS platform provides language workers and language applications (human and machine users, accordingly) with the services to foster the creation, validation, harmonisation, sharing, and application of terminology resources. Under language workers we understand language professionals, for example, technical writers, editors and proof-readers, translators and localisers, terminologists and domain specialists, lexicographers and terminographers, and others. Under language applications (or machine users in other words), in the first place we consider computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and machine translation (MT) systems (also, knowledge organisation systems in library and information science, search engines, and others). TaaS provides the following terminology services: terminology search in various sources, terminology identification in and extraction from user-uploaded documents, terminology visualisation in user-uploaded documents, translation equivalent lookup in and retrieval from various sources, terminology refinement and approval by users, terminology sharing with other users, collaborative working environment, and terminology reuse in other applications. Among other benefits for language workers, TaaS serves the needs of specialised lexicography, or terminography, facilitating user-friendly, collaborative, multilingual, interoperable, portable, and cloud-based specialised terminology work. TaaS fills the gap of innovative environment to speed up the development of specialised dictionaries.
Session Lexicography for Specialised Languages, Technology and Terminography
Keywords terminology service; terminology work; specialised lexicography
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