Cohesion in Phraseology

By November 17, 2016,
Page 533-539
Author Anita Naciscione
Title Cohesion in Phraseology
Abstract This paper explores cohesion as one of the basic theoretical concepts in phraseology alongside with stability and figurativeness. Cohesion of the base form derives from phraseological meaning and the organization of the unit. When used in discourse, the intrinsic properties of the phraseological unit contribute to text formation. Cohesion is not only a semantic means. Cohesion is also a stylistic relation. Phraseological cohesion is an essential feature of the progressive development of text, as it secures continuity of phraseological ties in discourse. Sustained stylistic use ofaphraseological unit enhances the perception ofthe text as a cohesive and coherent entity.
Session Phraseology and Collocations
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