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D/L No. Authors Title
001 Cover Pages & ToC
002 Sue B. T. Atkins Then and Now: Competence and Performance in 35 Years of Lexicography
003 Niels Davidsen-Nielsen Remarks on Dictionaries – with special Reference to Grammar, Pronunciation and Orthographic Variation
004 Sven-Göran Malmgren Lexicography in the Nordic countries: traditions and recent developments
005 Jean Pruvost Les dictionnaires d’apprentissage monolingues du français langue maternelle: L’histoire d’une métamorphose, du sous-produit à l’heureux pragmatisme en passant par l’heuristique
006 Hanno Biber, Evelyn Breiteneder, Dmitrij Dobrovolskij Corpus-based Study of Collocations in the AAC
007 Thierry Fontenelle, Alma Kharrat Using Dictionary Grammar Codes to Resolve Attachment Ambiguities
008 Nathalie Gasiglia Pour un Traitement Automatique Optimisant la Consultation de Corpus Électroniques en Lexicographie
009 Claudio Giuliano A Tool-box for Lexicographers
010 Ulrich Heid, Hannah Kermes Providing Lexicographers with Corpus Evidence for Fine-grained Syntactic Descriptions: Adjectives Taking Subject and Complement Clauses
011 Marisa Jiménez NLP Use of Multiple Sources of Information Available in a Spanish Machine-Readable Dictionary
012 Jana Klimová Computational Processing of Czech Derived Words
013 Anke Lüdeling, Arne Fitschen An Integrated Lexicon for the Automatic Analysis of Complex Words
014 M. Begona Villada Moirón, Gosse Bouma A corpus-based approach to the acquisition of collocational prepositional phrases
015 Sussi Olsen Some aspects of the syntactic encoding of nouns in a computational lexicon – the STO project
016 Evanthia Petropoulou, Pius ten Hacken Neo-Classical Word Formation in WM Electronic Dictionaries
017 Hanne Ruus A corpus-based electronic dictionary for (re)search
018 Sabine Schulte im Walde Evaluating Verb Subcategorisation Frames learned by a German Statistical Grammar against Manual Definitions in the Duden Dictionary
019 Thierry Selva, Serge Verlinde, Jean Binon Le DAFLES, un nouveau dictionnaire électronique pour apprenants du français
020 Michal Šulc Corpus Frequency and Lexicographical Relevancy – Czech Words with a Morfem Micro- (in Hundred Million Corpus of Czech Language – SYN2000)
021 Pius ten Hacken, Dorota Smyk Word Formation versus Etymology in Electronic Dictionaries
022 Leo Wanner, Stefan Klatt, Oleg Kapanadze, Nunu Kapanadze Towards a Semantically Motivated Organization of a Valency Lexicon for NLP: The GREG-Proposal
023 František Čermák Types of Language Nomination: Universals, Typology and Lexicographical Relevance
024 Szilvia Csábi Polysemous Words, Idioms and Conceptual Metaphors Cognitive Linguistics and Lexicography
025 Irina V. Fedorova From Dictionary Use through Lexicology towards Lexicography
026 Zoé Gavriilidou, Maria Sfyroera Elaboration et Usage d’un Dictionnaire par des Enfants d’Age Pré-scolaire
027 Robert Lew Questionnaires in Dictionary Use Research: A Reexamination
028 Don R. McCreary Body shots, Sorostitutes, and Fratagonia: Manipulating COBUILD’s Formulaic Sentence Definitions to Treat Contemporary College Slang
029 Gábor Prószéky, Balázs Kis Development of a Context-Sensitive Electronic Dictionary
030 Mette Skovgaard Andersen, Helle Asmussen, Jørg Asmussen The Project of Korpus 2000 Going Public
031 Anna Braasch, Bolette S. Pedersen Recent Work in the Danish Computational Lexicon Project “STO”
032 Stephen Coffey Interlingual Phrasal Friends as a Resource for Second Language Learning: Outline of a Lexicographical Project
033 Anthony P. Cowie Harmonising the Vocabulary of Risk
034 Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor, John Williams ‘A labour so ungrateful’: Report of a project to update Eric Partridge’s Dictionary of slang and unconventional English
035 Merete K. Jørgensen Old Danish Romances on the Internet. Report from a new Project under The Dictionary of Old Danish
036 Hilary Nesi An English Spoken Academic Wordlist
037 Josef Ruppenhofer, Collin F. Baker, Charles J. Fillmore Collocational Information in the FrameNet Database
038 Josef Ruppenhofer, Collin F. Baker, Charles J. Fillmore The FrameNet Database and Software Tools
039 Henrik Køhler Simonsen Corporate LSP Intranet Lexicography
040 Anne Tamm Reversing the Dutch-Estonian Dictionary to Estonian-Dutch
041 K.H. van Dalen-Oskam, D.J.G. Geirnaert, J.G. Kruyt Text Typology and Selection Criteria for a Balanced Corpus: the Integrated Language Database of 8th-21st-Century Dutch
042 Åke Viberg, Kerstin Lindmark, Ann Lindvall, Ingmarie Mellenius The Swedish WordNet Project
043 Andrea Abel Darstellung der Verbvalenz in einem elektronischen Lernerwörterbuch Deutsch-Italienisch (ELDIT). Neue Medien -neue Ansätze
044 Natalia Bragina, Sophia Lubensky Eponyms as Cultural Key Words and Their Lexicographic Description in English and Russian
045 Georges Pilard English, lingua franca, cultural imperialism and dictionaries
046 Liam Rodger Is a Bilingual Dictionary Possible?
047 Cover Pages & ToC
048 José Aguirre Beyond the Dictionary in Spanish
049 Hauke Bartels, G. Spiess Das aktive deutsch-niedersorbische Internet-Lernerwörterbuch des verbalen Wortschatzes. Elektronische Medien im Dienste des Erhalts einer bedrohten Minderheitensprache
050 Marie-Hélene Corréard Are space-saving strategies relevant in electronic dictionaries?
051 Sylvie De Cock Pragmatic Prefabs in Learners’ Dictionaries
052 D.J. Prinsloo, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver Designing a Measurement Instrument for the Relative Length of Alphabetical Stretches in Dictionaries, with special reference to Afrikaans and English
053 Włodzimierz Sobkowiak, Marek Kuczyński Phonetics and Ideology of Defining Vocabularies
054 Lars Trap-Jensen Descriptive and Normative Aspects of Lexicographic Decision-Making: The Borderline Cases
055 Geart van der Meer Dictionary Entry and Access Trying to see Trees and Woods
056 Dorthe Duncker Collecting Collocations
057 Anita Naciscione Cohesion in Phraseology
058 Hiroaki Otani From Collocational / Textual Perspectives — How could a Learners’ Dictionary Help Learners in their Real Encoding Process?
059 Margarita Alonso Ramos Un vacío en la enseñanza del léxico del español como lengua extranjera: las colocaciones léxicas
060 Manuel Barbera Formats of Etymology: the Case of ‘Beer’ and ‘Juniper’ in Votic
061 Károly Gerstner Über die etymologisch-lexikographischen Prinzipien und Methoden des Etymologischen Wörterbuches des Ungarischen
062 Henning Kloter Etymology in Taiwanese
063 María Paz Battaner, Janet DeCesaris Figurative senses in Spanish lexicography
064 Jeanne Dancette, Marie-Claude L'Homme The Gate to Knowledge in a Multilingual Specialized Dictionary: Using Lexical Functions for Taxonomic and Partitive Relations
065 Vojko Gorjanc, Andreja Žele Compound Dictionary Entries (The Case of Slovene Noun Phrases)
066 Ilan J. Kernerman Electronic Applications of the Semi-Bilingual Dictionary
067 Ludmila Minaeva Quotations in the Dictionary: the Pros and Cons
068 Rosamund Moon Dictionaries: Notions and Expectations
069 Rik Schutz Indirect Offensive Language in Dictionaries
070 Lucia M. Tovena For an informative and coherent classification of common nouns
071 Sylvie Vandaele Metaphorical Conceptualization in Cell Biology
072 Andrejs Veisbergs Defining Political Terms in Lexicography: Recent Past and Present
073 Åke Viberg The Polysemy of Swedish ge ‘give’ from a Crosslinguistic Perspective
074 Katrien Depuydt, Tilly Dutilh-Ruitenberg TEI-encoding for the Integrated Language Database of 8th-21st-Century Dutch
075 Marie-Jeanne Derouin, André Le Meur Ongoing Changes in Lexicographical International Standards: Report on the Revision of ISO 1951 Lexicographical Symbols and Typographical Conventions for Use in Terminography and Proposals for the first Draft: Presentation / Representation of Entries in Dictionaries
076 Jinseung Eu A Procedure of Frame-Based Contrastive Semantics
077 Ilona Janyšková, Helena Karlíková Die Position des Etymologischen Wörterbuchs des Altkirchenslavischen (Etymologický slovníkjazyka staroslovenského) in der diachronen Lexikographie
078 Patrick Leroyer Intégration de l’Information Stylistique dans le Dictionnaire Bilingue Spécialisé
079 Vera Müller The use of dictionaries as a pedagogical ressource [[sic]] in the foreign language classroom
080 Merike Mägedi Alien Words In Our Everyday Life (On The Need For An Estonian Database Of Structurally Alien Words)
081 Pavel Smrz Lexical Databases in XML: A Case Study of Up-Translation of the Dictionary of Literary Czech Language
082 Stella Esther Ortweiler Tagnin The Brazilian Lexicographic Road to Bilingual Verbal Collocations
083 Thora van Male Cryptic avatars: the ornamental illustrations of rare initial letters in French dictionaries
084 Paul Bogaards, Willem A. van der Kloot Verb Constructions in Learners’ Dictionaries
085 Robert Lew A Study in the Use of Bilingual and Monolingual Dictionaries by Polish Learners of English: A Preliminary Report
086 James Ronald L2 Lexical Growth through Extensive Reading and Dictionary Use: a Case Study
087 Thierry Selva, Serge Verlinde L’utilisation d’un dictionnaire électronique: une étude de cas
088 Luisa Bentivogli, Emanuele Pianta Detecting Hidden Multiwords in Bilingual Dictionaries
089 Margaret Cop, Caroline Wilcox Reul Collocations in a New Bilingual Print and Electronic English-German/German-English Dictionary: Their Function and Presentation
090 Adam Kilgarriff, Michael Rundell Lexical Profiling Software and its Lexicographic Applications – a Case Study
091 Diana Lea, Moira Runcie Blunt Instruments and Fine Distinctions: a Collocations Dictionary for Students of English
092 Júlia Pajzs A Corpus Based Investigation of Collocations in Hungarian
093 Luisa Alice Santos Pereira, Amália Mendes An Electronic Dictionary of Collocations for European Portuguese: Methodology, Results and Applications
094 Elizabeth Walter, Andrew Harley The role of corpus and collocation tools in practical lexicography
095 Geoffrey Clive Williams Corpus-Driven Lexicography and the Specialised Dictionary: Headword Extraction for the Parasitic Plant Research Dictionary