Colidioms: An Online Dictionary for Phraseography and Paremiography

By November 17, 2016,
Page 883-888
Author Elena Berthemet
Title Colidioms: An Online Dictionary for Phraseography and Paremiography
Abstract This paper investigates the possibility of building a multilingual phraseological database. It presents the framework of a privately-funded online project called Colidioms. The goal of the Colidioms project is to build a public collaborative database. The software is designed for the full perception and reproduction of phrasemes. Combining tradition and innovation, Colidioms is based on recent technological advances. It is a web application that supports English, French, German and Russian and enables multi-directional search of phraseological equivalents in any of these four languages. Two types of search are available: semasiological and onomasiological. The central organizing principle of the software is based on the concept of ‘notions’. Notions allow to create a bridge between phrasemes in different languages. It has been demonstrated that notions make it possible to carry out cross-lingual comparisons. Notions link all parts of the database and homogenize the corpus and are compatible with all studied languages.
Session Software demonstrations
Keywords collaborative, idiom, notion, semantics, translation
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